Ihania veneitä kukille

Nämä veneet tulivat valikoimiimme tänä vuonna. Niitä on saatavana valkoisena tai ruskeana.

Valmistusmateriaalina on käytetty vaneria, joten vene on säänkestävä.

Mastosta lähtee naru, johon voi tukea köynnöstäviä kasveja.  Kaunis terassilla, parvekkeella, mökillä yms.

Kauniita syyspäiviä toivotellen !

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  1. 44″ box jump flat footed, 48″ with a drop step. Made it through 75 DU’s in 2 minutes. Great end to a killer week of WOD’s. This week featured some wonderful workouts. Great programing Dave!

  2. Youtube should add a rating system like TED.com; with tags!Now I can say: "I like this", but that doesn't mean that the video is really good, with high quality or worth watching.

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    es pegajoso ese tema per eso es como satanico no les parece?? y se meten con jesus el señor….y ademas dice que es un ritmo diabolico… que medicen ustedes??

  4. Thanks so much. I'll keep this post tucked away so I can refer to it on the distant day when I'm ready to write my first novel blurb. It always kills me to see descriptions on Amazon that are WAY too long.

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    I can’t hear anhyting over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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